Sunday, January 01, 2006

BRAZIL: New Year´s eve with our new Brazilian family

Brazilian families are mighty entertaining to watch. At the water park, A boy of about 15 was wearing shorts that had the words "sexo" and "mujeras" (sex and women) all over them, while his mother was fussing over him and putting sunscreen on him. The Grandma was there, the whole families go out together everywhere, from the water park to the beach to the bar at 4AM. The WHOLE family. The guys we have observed are charming, a lot of them are cute, but they sure are mama´s boys.

For our second night in Buzios, we didn´t really know what to do because it seemed like all the bars had packages and everyone had a big night planned. This isn´t like the little thai town I was in last year. Lots of New Year´s anticipation in the air. Buzios has a real mediterranean feel to it, with the italian architecture and the whole Bridgette Bardot thing (she hung out here in the sixties, there is a statue of her by the water). In Brazil, the tradition is to wear all white, gather by the sea and throw flowers in the water at midnight. Then stay out all night. We did the best we could to wear white - Kathy had a white skirt, Kate had a white top and I had some white on my halter top (I don´t wear white when travelling, or ever! I attract dirt like Charlie Brown´s pal Pigpen.)

We had a crepe at a crepe restaurant/dance bar, then went back to the only bar we really know, Mix bar. (The previous night, thousands of people were out - it was crazy. we just kind of hid in the little mix bar because we liked the music and the caiaparinas - they had some good hits from the 90s and electronic music you know but don´t know the names of. The little Mix bar is where we hang in Buzios.). I had been feeling a little sick on and off for days. I think my body does NOT like Brazil. Like Greece, (TMI ahead warning - TMI) I have a.b. every other day, at least. I must be getting sicker because I threw up right after dinner from both ends of my body. Not due to alcohol, but likely from all the street food I eat at the beach. Like room-temperature meat empanadas that are probably hours old, and the pile of tapioca and shredded coconut on a plate with sweetened milk on it. That´s what I eat every day. So anyway, I had explosive diahrrea ALL night. At least 5 or 6 times. But I was determined to not let it ruin my good time! I was in Brazil for New Year´s and a.b. be damned, I was going to have a good time.

We sat right on the water and watched other people filter in. A big Brazilian family came and sat at the table below us. Kathy, Kate and I like to speculate about stranger´s lives and tried to figure them out. Are the dad and mom getting along? Is that the brother´s girlfriend or just an affectionate sister? That must be the gay uncle. Oh yeah, it must be.. Look at that kid! He must be the bad seed. But he´s so charming!

One of the sons was about 17, we guessed, and such a little charmer. We couldn´t stop staring at him. He had huge brown eyes, floppy black hair and looked like a little teenage lady-killer. Kate jokingly said, as Kate does, "I´m gonna make out with him!" So we watched this family for over an hour and pretended to take pictures of the sea, but really took pictures of the family. (That sounds dumb but that´s why we are all friends.) Near midnight we all gathered on the beach and threw our flowers in the water and watched some scarily close, awesome fireworks. No safety code here! The burning embers were falling right by our heads and the fireworks were directly over. So loud but so good! Seeing everyone dressed in white with the flower ritutal was really pretty and it made New Years eve seem really official. Kathy and Kate have been calling me "abuela" (grandma) because I complained about the loudness of the fireworks and I like to clean up the empty pop and beer cans out of the room. Like a grandma.

We met the family on the beach and talked to the son. Turns out he really is 20. We lied about our ages. Kate was 23 and Kathy and I were 25. (It´s nice to be 25 again.) He was really charming as expected and spoke english so well. The whole family did. They are from Sao Paulo and come here for the holidays. He likes the O.C. and we talked about different kinds of music and pop culture. The family kind of adopted us. They took family photos with us in it, then we all went inside to dance. An hour later Kate was indeed full-on making out with Bernardo, in front of his dad, mom, 2 brothers, cousin and family friends. For hours. The parents didn´t even bat an eye. It was all so normal. Dancing to electronic dance hits with the Brazilian family in a circle while the son makes out with the american girl. The mom even hugged us when they left. She even gave Kate a kiss. What a nice gringa bar hook up for my son! After dancing with the family for awhile, Bernardo has a friend who wants to meet me, Andreo. He didn´t speak english except for the standard "I tink you are very beautiful" line. I figured it would be a good idea to make out with a Brazilian on New years, just to make it official and all, so I did. He even had a gold chain, a hairy chest and a half-open white shirt. Just my type! haha. Well, not really. But it sure was funny at the time. Bernardo had warned me that he was 31 years old, and that might be a little old, me being 25 and all. I said "oh, yeah, that might be a little old". Haha, I´m 4 years older than him. And recall that I threw up a few hours earlier. Classy.

Kathy and I left and Kate came home later. I was worried that she wouldn´t be able to get in and get stuck outside with her 20 year old Brazilian, so I buried the keys under a big leaf, put rocks on it and left a note in pig latin with how to find them. I´m sorry, but that´s how my mind works at 4AM. It made perfect sense to me at the time and I thought I was being so clever. Let´s think of a secret language that no-one will figure out! So I left a note on the door: "K8 - ook-lay under the eaf-lay to your right for the ey-kay." Luckily, someone let her in at 6AM and she didn´t even see my note or have to decipher it. This morning we just had a good laugh about it. At least I tried.

We have also been enjoying Brazilian TV. Kathy and Kate have a certain novella (overly dramatic evening brazilian soap operas) that they like, I think it´s called "bang bang". It´s a drama, supposedly set in the old west, with a priest who is sleeping with a prostitute. It all seems very low budget. K & K have somehow managed to follow the storyline. Usually I lay in the hammock at that hour. This morning, though, I watched an elvis impersonator show where the people all sung in heavy Latino accents. I highly recommend the Brazilian TV. If I worked in our Brazilian office, I could place spots on Futura network on highly rated "bang bang!"

Happy New year´s everyone!


Shittie said...

Hi Pumpkins

It sounds like you had a fun New Years. It sounds like Andreo was a little like Jimmy Tsao... "You know you like it..." I have read your blog every day so I expect a cheezy trinket in return.

Liz M said...

Schirmey I just signed up so I could finally respond! Sounds like you are having a blast. I've been peeing in my pants reading your hysterical updates. I think the pig latin was the best.
We miss you so much and can't wait to see you! Hope your last several days are just as fun!

Allison said...

I just had to catch up! I've been out of town since 12/23. I'm so glad you were re-united w/back pack. Sounds like you are having so much fun! I've just been eating my lunch at my desk, reading all your enteries and lauging out loud.

sara said...

Great to hear from you guys!
I´ll continue to make an ass of myself for your entertainment.