Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Siento Lazy

Above - my hotel entrance (I´m in the back yard), street fare on Christmas, the numero tres
I thought only tourists would be out for Christmas but no, the streets were filled with Guatemalans out having a good time. I liked that. Even the stores were open! I bought a painting and some textiles for my apartment. Everything here is so,so easy after Africa-Brazil - the post office is easy, everything makes sense, there are 56,987 travel agencies to book anything you want, the town is civilized, everyone is in a good mood, things are cheap, nobody heckles on the street - nobody. If it weren´t for the classes, I would be restless for a challenge. It´s almost too easy here. I did get very confused today in class but Rosie told me some more funny family stories, which I enjoy.
Last night I went to a hookah bar to write in my journal and it made me think of the hookah bar in NYC that I go to with Jaime. I had dinner at Frida´s again for some mole enchiladas and met a fun girl also travelling by herself, Antonella from Sicily and Arizona. I might have a new drinking buddy! We also sat by a nice guy from Ethiopia, Yoras. They were much more normal than the crew from the other night.
I´m feeling lazy so I´ll just leave you with a few pictures. Let me know how everyone´s holidays went. Yesterday I thought to myself - this is where you are supposed to be for Christmas. It was nice.


Funchilde said...

hahaha. i was all over the pic of the "numero tres" it reminded me of eating a whopper in Oaxaca last year after a night of "revelry" shall we say? Glad you're enjoying spanish classes and i'm excited to see if you heed the call of honduras or nicaragua...

michielT said...

Hey Sara,
belated merry xmas and all that..sounds like you are having a good time. I'm back in Phnom Penh after getting stuck in southern Lao for some weeks. Your food pics look good, better than the restaurant we went to last night where they had fried tarantula for starters (I did not part take, I couldn't live with myself if I had). I'll send you a pic, as I know you like that kind of things.

que te diviertes mucho ai!

Trisha said...

love the pics & videos! can you bring one of those giant heads home with you? do they eat pupusas in guatemala? i love pupusas!! there's a great pupuseria on lawrence, we'll go when you get back. and you know, i've totally got the urge to take you salsa dancing now ;)

Lysle said...

Feliz Navidad Sara!
love the recaps as usual. I think I've been on vacation with the loud Texan before too--he sounds really familiar :) Glad to hear you are having a great time and can't wait to see and hear more about it!
When you get back we can experiment with reinacting the numero tres- sounds heavenly!!

sara said...

Funchilde - I´m glad you like the photos! I do enjoy the differences between the fast food chains around the world - I´m such a geek!!

Michiel - great to hear from you. Fried tarantulas, are you f-ing kidding me??!! You always have the best stories! say hi to Vishalini for me! Perhàps next year I´ll drop in on you guys for a special Cambodian Christmastime dinner of fried spiders.

Trisha - we are on! Necissito lessons. They do have pupusas here, I had a queso one the other day. YUM

Lylse - yes, the Texan is found all over the world. He makes me want to hide under a rock and pretend to be from Germany. But his heart´s in the right place - taking his family HERE instead of Cancun!