Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Petra - it's just crawling with camels!

Today we had the entire day to run all over Petra. For sustenance, I bought some yummy dates with almonds inside!

Picture this lit up with just the full moon and candles. Incredible!!

Here I am with my "I don't want to touch the smelly large animal" face!
This camel's name was Daisy. Note the Johnny Depp pirates of the Caribbean look-alike to my right. He was the camel-keeper. Camels and donkeys were runnin' all over the place.

After hiking and climbing for hours, we made friends with the last living resident of Petra, Bdoul Mofleh, who signed my lonely planet because he is featured on page 229. Here is the flag in his yard:

Bdoul's back yard, where he brought us mint tea:

Bdoul, below. What a friendly guy! He loves visitors up in his rocky home. Bdoul's backyard is a breathtaking rocky cliff of red rock formations, it looks just like a music video where the artist stands on a rocky cliff and the camera pans around. He never wants to move. I can't blame him.

Sorry but on this post, I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking. I have to get ready for dinner. See you in a few days after camping in the desert!

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Kate C. said...

That looks amazing! I hope you got pictures of it all lit up with candles because I really want to see that!

Did you re-enact any scenes from Indiana Jones while you were at Petra? Did you find Jesus' chalice? :-)