Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mazunte.. it´s groovy!

I flew on a little 16 seat plane from Oaxaca to Huatulco, on aerotucan. I love an airline that has a cute bird as it´s logo:

The mountains of southern Mexico:

I checked into Alta Mira, a series of bungalows on a cliff. I made this reservation in September. This town is jam-packed full for the holidays. Many people sleeping in tents.

I realize I have been to this place before. It´s called Montezuma, Costa Rica. A laid-back beach town with a hippie vibe. I absolutely love it. This morning, there were tiny ants crawling all over my toothbrush but I just banged them off.

On the pacific coast, the waves are much stronger than they were in the Yucatan and the ocean is a little more feisty and less turquoise than it was in Tulum. Here it is during a calm time:

Having a michelada with dueling coke and pepsi chairs:

Most restaurants are just like this. Hand painted signs, simple food:

My hotel is at the edge of town. But it´s a tiny town, so it only takes me 5 minutes to walk to downtown. There is an interseting little cemetary near the back of the hotel:

I went into town and had some garlicky pasta for dinner, with some house vino for less than $10.

A little band came in and played:

I walked along the beach back to the hotel and came across a belly dancer. I didn´t get the chance to see belly dancing in Egypt, yet I saw some in Mazunte. I came across numerous people strumming guitars or just walking down the street with a can of beer.

I watched some fire dancers on the beach and fell asleep reading my book.


Trisha said...

I rarely get disgusted by crazy things you do...but ants on your toothbrush! Nasty!

Laura said...

eeewwwww I hope you threw the toothbrush away?

Anonymous said...

Don't be weak.