Saturday, September 24, 2011

Saturday on schirmystraße

Yesterday after exploring a lot of town, I discovered a little outdoor beergarden and public plaza with restaurants near the hotel. On facebook, I got several suggestions that beer will make me feel better, so I took the advice of all of my friends who have my best interests in mind yet zero medical knowledge and had one! And it was delicious. The weather here is lovely. Nice and cool but everybody is still sitting outside and low humidity. I finally slept through the night and got on the time change. This morning I bounced out of bed and put my race number on and prepared tomorrow's outfit!

I'm feeling better. I'm still coughing a lot, but it's more of the end-to-a-cold type of cough than an "OMG I'm gonna die" cough. After I hacked up a lung I took the self-guided walking tour of our area, in the former east berlin. It was great! I love exploring a new city by walking. Berlin is huge - it actually seems larger than I had pictured. But I saw all the downtown stuff yesterday so I was ready for some low-key exploration.

solar - powered bike vendor. I love it!

A lot of street names end in "straße". The ß is how they say two ss. I believe. I like it, a new character! ßßßßß! I'm 99.9% sure that straße means street. Typical street around the hotel - with a smart car. smart cars are everywhere.

I liked this straße and this apartment building. I'd like to live here and have a little balcony. A lot of BMWs and VWs in front.

The Berlin wall was a little bit north of the hotel. It snaked around the city. All over town, the former wall is marked with two rows of rocks and a little plaque.

Just in the middle of the neighborhood, up against a zumba billboard. Crazy! It was only knocked down 20 some years ago. You would never know!

The walking tour suggested a place under the train tracks for sausages. Well twist my arm, walking tour!

My currywurst. Yes, I had it again. It's the Berlin specialty!

View from my sausage table, which I shared with other people

I have missed out on some of our group activities. I haven't even seen my friends who are staying across town yet. I've been laying low because I don't want to get anyone sick.

Here is my race-eve pizza!

Last night I had the most delicious apple streudel ever, but today they were out of it. So I just got some at another place. It was pretty good!

I came back to the hotel and visited J & C upstairs. The pre-marathon freakouts have already begun. Bananas have been purchased, race outfits tried on, overanalyzing when to take gels and shot blocks along the course, when to leave the hotel, how early to get there, what if, what if, what if... no different than if we were in Chicago I suppose. I have a feeling that Jen and Carrie could both PR by a lot tomorrow. They are both feeling good and excited to get going. I might have to manage my own goals a little bit. I need to be a little easier on myself after getting sick. I trained harder this summer than last (a 20 and a 22 miler, the addition of Yasso 800s), but I am definitely not 100% right now. I need to decide if I am going to run balls out, and follow the 4 hour pacers like I originally planned or go with the 4:15s. Who knows, maybe I'm more of a 4:30 tomorrow. I think that because I am already sick, I might as well just approach this like a wild, rabid mangy animal on the loose. The kind of animal that is foaming at the mouth and will tear you to pieces. Maybe I need to channel that kind of persona tomorrow. Well, this is it! Thank you to everyone who is so supportive of me and my running. I know that it takes a lot of time and my running chatter isn't always the most riveting stuff.. but you have to have passions in life, right? Travel and running and food are my passions, definitely. And I'm following them, sick or not! Will write a report tomorrow after the race if I can. Monday we leave bright and early for Munich. Either way, you'll hear from me on facebook.


Anonymous said...

Kick some aβ!

sara said...

OMG that's awesome. aß! ha!!!

Trisha T said...

Go get 'em Schirmy!!