Sunday, January 07, 2007

Africa: The Slowskis

This morning Kathy said "I feel like those turtles in that commercial - you know, the Slowskis".

I feel like a slow turtle too. Africa makes me really lazy. After stonetown we negotiated a taxi ride up here to Nungwi. It's 60 km north, on the northern tip of Zanzibar. We picked a place from Lonely planet and were too lazy to look elsewhere. We came up here for the beaches. They are indeed nice. The water is like a flourescent turqoise and the sand is white. The town is completely devoid of personality after stonetown, but there is still freaky African music playing sometimes and Massai walking around. We have a nice place right on the beach - at high tide the water comes under the stilts of the room. Last night I ran out there and went swimming. The crowd is nice - there are no asshole cancun-esque spring breakers or package tourists that sometimes accompany a beach this nice. Just a lot of volunteers, a few UN people, European families, lots of stoners and locals. It's sort of hard to get up here - the road is really bumpy. Actually the Massai are everywhere! They all seem to have the huge earlobes and the traditional face burns under the eyes. Yosef told us about it the other night - at a certain age they get branded somehow.

Kathy and I have developed a complete fascination with the Massai. We bought a book in Stonetown, the one about the white woman who marries one, and Kathy is reading it now. I'm saving it for the plane ride home. Apparently it's really good because she's always reading it and says "are you sure you don't want me to ruin the surprise?!".

Last night we went to the one bar in town that was happening - some outdoor place called Jolos, which looked like a treehouse in a sandy palm stand on the beach. We just followed the Michael Jackson (from the Wiz - "ease on down! ease on down! ease on down the rooooad!") and pot smell. There were a few people passed out in hammocks and a busy bar. Every other song was reggae, of course. We drank with our next door neighbor, Marybeth - who was a volunteer in Moshi but later lived in this town for 5 weeks because she just never got around to leaving, and the UN Congo worker Bosnian Tarik who we met in Stonetown, and another guy from Stonetown who's name I can never remember. Every once in awhile a swahili song would come on and he would sing every word like it's his favorite song. "that's your JAM!" I kept saying.

Later we met another guy in the UN training program from South Carolina. We talked about how few Americans come here and how we might want to climb Kili, but maybe just to brag about it and do we really want to do it for the right reasons. I'm sorry but if I climed Kili I would never stop bragging about it and I would be so annoying.

Well, today we have to figure out when low tide is because we want to walk to the next village 3km away. I'm just not wise to the ways of the ocean.


Anonymous said...

First you talk about making out with the Massai and then buy a book about a white woman marrying one...are you ever going to come home? We miss you both! Might snow tonight. -Christine K

Kate C said...

Sounds amazing.

The weekend was good. Had a lovely Thursday at the Irish Oak to listen to Trisha's crush play music and then 30th birthday season had it's official 2007 kick-off.

I also found a nail salon near Kathy that is trendy and offers free pop. However, the soundtrack is all love/pop songs from the 70's and 80's. A lot of lesser known Abba, Air Supply, John Denver, etc.

The latest in celeb news. People are wondering if Lindsay Lohan actually had an apendectomy...There is talk about an OD/other stuff...The Apprentice premiered last night to dismal ratings...

Colleen said...

Hi Pumpkins

You guys sound like you are having such a relaxing and fun time.

GR has been so busy with President Ford's funeral. Alas, my goal to get vidoe footage of a distraut Betty stumbling drunk out of bar never came to fruition. I did get to see her but she was painfully frail and sober.

We move to our new house on friday. Hopefully, no squatter neighbors this time!!


Anonymous said...

Can you please not come home w/ plates in your ears? I don't know if I'm into that. Did you hang w/ Oprah and her new school in South Africa? I kept watching the footage and was hoping to spot you in the background. Btw, the entire city of NY was overcome by a gas leak this that weird? Seriously, people got to stay home from work.- Hi-may

K8 said...

The tradition of trying to take the locals photos on the sly then hanging out with them by the end of the night continues!! The Family in Buzios and Speedo Man would be proud.

By the way, I sent you both the pictures of Chas' (the guy from my office who is BFF w/ Oprah's boyfriend) African adventure w/ Oprah, but I sent it to your work addresses, which I don't think you can see. Something to look for when you're back. Just a teaser, Star Jones makes an appearance. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for the updates. Unfortanately no Oprah sightings yet but we're going back to Jo'Berg in a few days so we may see her yet.

Sara & I are both fighting with the sun today so we're doing even less than normal. Just a few more hours and we'll kick off drinks with a sundowner & start looking for the Masai. Wish you guys were here.