Sunday, January 14, 2007

Africa: Time for this Mzungu to go home

I'm just killing an afternoon here in Melville. It really is a pleasant place to spend a few days just meandering around. Last night I had some fancy thai food. For lunch I'm trying some ethiopian. I even bought a Frida Kahlo purse from a mexican store - that has nothing to do with Africa, does it?

I'm very sad to leave. I may have been homesick for an hour at the Zimbabwe border - but I always get the opposite of homesick towards the end.

So here's a little rundown of best and worsts:

Best meal: the treehouse restaurant in Nungwi. We ate pili pili chicken barefoot on pillows up in a tree to middle eastern music. runner up - the royal palm hotel in Dar!

Best Beer: Kilimanjaro. Only beats Tusker because it has a cute giraffe on the bottle. Either beer was a pleasure to find COLD, which was sort of rare.

Best beach: Nungwi, Zanzibar. Kendwa was gorgeous too.

Best Bar: Cholos in Nungwi or Mayoka Village

Favorite random person:
The man who tried to carry Kathy's bag for her in Stonetown at the dock. "I'm a strong man..with ONE EYE! I'm a strong man with ONE EYE!" sure enough, he had one eye. Kathy just kind of shooed him away.

Favorite comeback to a pushy salesperson:
"I eat with my hands" - guy on the minibus in Lilongwe to a guy selling spoons through the window. also Kathy to the pushy CD salesman in Stonetown "I already have that one. Track 4's my favorite"

Favorite flashback to the 70s: Dar es Salaam, for the body on tap conditioner for sale in the store and for the decor at the Peacock hotel

Favorite meal: Vegetable curry and rice. I had it at least 15 times. It was safe.

Favorite accomodations: Mayoka Village

Best celeb themed restaurant: Freddy Mercury's in Stonetown. It was also our only celebrity themed restaurant.

Worst bathroom: The Mbeya train station. Bathroom had an evil, ungodly, rank, vile, putrid stink. Since we spent a good 6 hours there, I got the pleasure of going in there a few times. I always came out gasping for air, eyes watering, frantically covering myself in purell and gagging.

Dirtiest moment: getting off the two day train in Dar

People in Africa that hated me: the man at the internet cafe in Nhakata bay. Boy, did he hate me for putting my diet coke on the wooden table and for taking too long and asking questions. The next day he just looked at me in disgust. And the man in the indian restaurant in Stonetown. Yeah, they hated me.

People in Africa who were nice to me: Everyone else. The people in Africa are fantastic. Malawi, Tanzania, everyone in Melville - they are just so warm and friendly.

Favorite nickname: "Mama". Not in a maternal sense. Hello Mama! man in airport: "can you give this change back to Mama?" Only in SA. Everywhere else it's "Hello sister!" I like Mama. It has a 1970s ballad sound to it. Hey mama!

Bye Africa! Asante sana for the good times

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sara said...

Kathy - I hope you are seeing some good animals! Feel free to add to my list. Also, when you are back in Melville - Soi thai restaurant is really good.