Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ok, so Nicaragua it is...

Tomorrow morning I´m flying to Managua, then going right over to Granada, which is a colonial village for a few days, then the corn islands. Sorry, the internet here is CRAP and I can barely write a post. I´ll try to upload some more photos later.. but I have a lot of errands to run in my last day here. I will give you an update from Nicaragua. Tonight I might have dinner with the American couple that I met at the Iguana, Trisha and TJ who teach in Tegucigulpa, Honduras. I really did meet a lot of nice people at the Iguana. But it´s time to move on! I´m a little wary of Nicaragua and it comparing to Guatemala, but I´m getting more confident with my spanish and it should be fine. I´m excited for a new country!!
I keep meeting people here who are all hating on Costa Rica. I met the 6th of 7th person today who does not like it, and likes Guatemala better. I agree that the people here are much nicer and there´s more culture, but I liked Costa Rica for the beautiful nature. I guess coming from Chicago, you really appreciate a good palm tree. Each country has its own little personality. It will be hard to top Guatemala, but I´ll give Nicaragua a good, fair chance!
above: my crazy room in San Pedro, the crowd at San Pedro, the Iguana, my room of straw, the boat over from San Pedro to Santa Cruz. lots of waves!


Kate C. said...

Your straw room looks more sturdy than I imagined. Also that lake is GORGEOUS!

I am looking forward to reading about the Corn Islands!!

funchilde said...

hope the bedbugs aren't getting you too bad! corn islands sound amazing! but the cool thing about traveling the way you are is...there's really no wrong decision. and yes, yes swimming in the lake DOES count as a shower. i must track down cafe del mar no. happy new yr. chica!

Trisha said...

Buen Viaje! Cuidate mucho en Nicaragua. Me imagino que ya hablas bastante espanol y no vas a tener ningun problema! Come mucho y toma muchas fotos!

I got back from Houston yesterday. The weather in Chicago SUCKS! Don't hurry back - although I miss you, I'm thinking of your own best interests ;) OH, and Robert (your sole offspring) is doing quite well. He sends "saludos" too!!

tallgirl said...

YAY for Corn Islands!!!

sara said...

Trisha, thanks for being such a good babysitter and example for Robert Plant. I´m sure he enjoys being in your apartment for the holidays.
Noelle - do you think 5 days is too much? Yeah, I booked 5 days but I can always change it. But necissito una playa ASAP
Funchilde - I have so many bug bites. And by the looks of my new room, they are going to increase tonight!
Kate - yeah, the lake was lovely. And I´m glad I did not go up in flames

akap77 said...

Hi Sara! First day back at the ledge and I was waiting for lunch all morning, so I could eat my Potbelly's and catch up on your blog!! Sounds like you are having a great time, as always.

I started from the bottom up and was getting nervous when I didn't see any pics of your meals...but, I knew you'd come through!!

Happy New Year! The hallway is lonely without you!