Friday, January 04, 2008


This is my lower back.


sara said...

Does that make you feel better about your cold weather now, people?? Actually I think I got these in Antigua. They have just gotten a little bigger and I finally looked in the mirror backwards. Yikes. If these are insects laying eggs in me, I am gonna go crazy and rip my skin off with a machete.

I upgraded to a nicer place with air con, because I am at the point in every trip where I feel a little run down.. I have my own bathroom and there are even towels!

If you want me to tell you all exactly WHY I need my own bathroom, don´t get me started, I will.. it might make you feel better about the snow. ¿Si?

I went ziplining today, more later. Nap first.

Lou said...

Ay Caramba! Insects laying eggs in your back? Now THAT's a Would you Rather topic we've never even dreamed of. Probably a good one. I gave Chaiken and LP a gross one yesterday. Won't retype it here. Hope the little (big) bites don't itch or hurt too bad. The Bearded Monkey and Let it Mellow are phrases I will keep with me all day.
Enjoy el bano privato. Lo siento.
Hasta luego.

Kate C. said...

EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW GROSS. I hope you don't have little baby bugs in your body. I am sure they are just bites. You are so sweet that insects can't resist ;-)

You could try to self diagnose on Web MD, but I am sure you will come up with some random rare disease that no one gets. That's what happens to me.

Good luck and I am glad you got your private bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Bedbugs...probably in your straw bed in Antigua.

ann said...

Sorry, I accidentally clicked anonymous. I really think those are bedbug bites. Check out this link:

sara said...

I´ve had bedbugs before and they were nothing like this. but I HOPE that´s what they are! We´ll see

trisha said...

i'm sorry - that looks really uncomfortable!!!! i really do feel sorry for you and i'm not laughing at all!