Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BRAZIL: 100% Rasta Negro food cart

I saw a guy pushing a food cart that had a sign that said that yesterday and it made me laugh out loud.

So I took a boat to morro de sao paulo this morning. its a nice little beachside town with palm trees, hammocks, three or 4 clean beaches, etc. Nothing raises my spirits more than a nice beach! the boat over was just like greece with crazy sloshing from side to side and good brazilian pop videos to watch. i sat next to the greatest brazilian grandma. she talked to me for a long time about her travels and music. Her and her 60 something husband know all the words to these crazy pop songs! they go to concerts with the younguns. I loved them. I decided that i am going to leave my problems in salvador for a few days and hang out here and not think about the backpack. it was literally driving me crazy, i didn't sleep last night. So today i went out to buy some clothes.

Let me tell you, buying clothes in brazil is nothing like it is at home. I started with some neon green shorts and a black tank top with flowers on it. these were the most tasteful things i could find. then, I had to buy a bathing suit. what in the hell did i do to deserve that experience? my god. the bathing suits are SO small. i would just walk in stores and laugh and walk out. then i would tell myself, sara, you have one pair of underwear and you need to go to the beach. I even contemplated laying out in my underwear because it's black and could pass as a bikini. but that wouldn't fly. and it would mean that my hygeine had reached a new low. so i sucked it up and bought a pink bathing suit. size, grande. when i was shopping I acutaly told the sales people hello, soy gorda americana, need grande bathing suit. how about more grande. ok, more grande. mas grande. I made them laugh out loud though. i admitted it all up front in a joking way. I'm a fat american and i lost my luggage and need a bathing suit. may none of you ever have to buy clothes in brazil! i actually picked up a speedo for a guy thinking it was just my size for the bottom part of a bikini and got all excited. well, it was pink! what man would wear that! it]s a different world down here. they were like, um, miss - that's for the hombre. hahaha. i'm actually getting used to the clothes I bought. i'm in the internet cafe right now in the bathing suit and neon green short shorts. and i don't stand out at all in this outfit.

I'm meeting Michiel and his gf in an hour so I might as well shower and figure out which of my fabulous options I am going to wear. the neon green shorts, the 1980s pink tank top, the brazilian flag shoes or skirt, oh the options i have.

this internet connection sucks and i have no punctuation. i'll write more tomorrow. mediaedgers, hope you are having fun at the christmas party! don't you wish you had my clothes to wear to it?

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Betsy said...

Hi Sara, Sounds like your trip has been quite an adventure already! Look forward to seeing photos of the new outfit! Had a message from Kathy last night - she was shopping for underwear to bring to you! Just remember, no matter how much luggage is lost it is better than being here in the snow! Have a drink on a beach for me!