Saturday, December 24, 2005

BRAZIL: The refugee boat

Yesterday I had to take a 2 hour boat to Salvador and another one back here to fetch the backack. The ride to Salvador, which I thought would be the nice catamaran again, was a nasty crowded fishing boat that looks like a cuban refugee boat. The main cabin was filled with empty paint buckets and smelled like paint thinner. At first I enjoyed the huge waves and the feeling of almost falling in the water, and I was delighted at the smell of paint. I really do like the smell of paint. Kind of how I like the smell of black marker & fresh gasoline from the pump. It was me and 20 brazilians. The first 5 minutes of the ride was fun, then it got very hot in the boat and i started to feel seasick. After an hour, I thought surely two hours have gone by but no, halfway done. The brazilians were popping nausea medicine and I just tried to sit still and keep my eyes on the horizon. Seasickness combined with hot paint thinner is not a good sensation. I ran out to the side of the boat to get some fresh air and got smacked in the face with salt water. It was such a horrible boat ride, I still feel sick when I think about it. Even the churrasco flavored potato chips (they have potato chips that taste like grilled meat!) didn´t help. (shocking, huh) I made sure to get a catamaran on the ride home.

The food in this town has been really good. Last night I had homeade canelloni with lobster and ginger coconut sauce. It was so good! the other night I had split, grilled lobster on the beach. The irish guy had to show me how to dig the meat out and I think I accidentally ate some tomalley (liver) but it was good. On the beach there are guys who walk around with buckets of hot coals and they will grill up queijo curado, cured cheese, on a stick. It´s salty and delicious. And people who sell pastels, little meat pies. I always eat lunch right on the beach. I can´t help but think of all the health codes that are being violated here after my safety and sanitation class for culinary school. Lots of time\temperature abuse that is the lead cause of food poisoning! haha. like the very room-temperature crab pastel out of a basket I had today. It was clearly not being served at 145 degrees. Oh well!

Kathy just arrived and I gave her the tour of Morro de sao paulo. I can´t wait to show her some of the local characters I see each night. Maybe I´ll describe them in a later post. This is my 5th night here so I´m starting to really see and be seen by the same crazy people over and over!

Merry Christmas!

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