Sunday, December 25, 2005

BRAZIL: The underbelly of Morro de sao paulo

well, its christmas and Im absolutely certain nobody is reading this, but you may need some entertainment when you return to work!

I had such a nice, innocent existance here until last night. I had the same routine - wake up at 8, make an egg mc muffin with the hotel breakfast ingredients, lay in the hammock until 10, call AA, buy things, beach from 2 to 4, internet at 5, lay in the hammock, have a skol from the frigo bar in the room, people watch, chat with people I met in town or on the boat, dinner, bed by 11. I mean, I wasnt going to go out and drink by myself, and i was still too worried about crime. I had no idea what a lively place this little beach town can be until kathy came and we stayed out until 4AM.

First, photos with an old raggedy man wandering around dressed as Santa. Then, we watched some capioera, a brazilian sport or dance thats a combination of kickboxing and dancing. sometimes people get in a circle, someone plays drums and they take turns capioera ing. its fun to watch.

We started with the fruit people. I seem to have been manipulated by a 13 year old girl. There are maybe 15 different fruit stands in town, those stands where you pick fruit to have blended into a drink. When you first get here, you tend to pick your favorite fruit person and you feel guilty getting it from someone else. well, I do anyways. My favorite is this girl who cant be older than 14. a little child labor. Its to the point now where she yells at me from 20 yards away and i have to hide my cup if I get it from someone else. She knows exactly how to make my drink, too. I don't even have to tell her. watermelon, guava, lime with vodka. If I pass her and don't get a drink she yells AMIGA, AMIGA! until I'm out of sight. If I even admire the fruit at another fruit stand, i feel like I am cheating. If I'm holding another cup I hide it. She's a great manipulator

Later we went to the hotel porch of some British guys I know just from being here 5 days. they are our neighbors and were drinking a bottle of vodka that costs $2.50 and mixing it with room temperature coke. That was too gross even for us. Except for them and us, our little third beach area is filled with israelis. There are a lot of them vacationing here. Due to language barriers, we havent really gotten to know them. We usually hang out with the Limeys and Irish and people who understand what we are saying.

We wandered the town and found a local dance party with 50 Brazilians and us. Ill say it again, those people can get down! we watched for awhile and Kathy started getting hassled, not bad, but enough to leave. Some guy liked her light hair and eyes. So we found our British friends again= Joe, Ollie, simon and some other ones, and drank with them in the outdoor bar.

Then we all wandered up to the grossest discoteque I have ever seen, a shack that smelled like sweat. The locals danced outside, the tourists all hang outside. I didnt even know there was a discoteque here!

At 4AM and we just decided to call it a night. Im sure the brits stayed up until sunrise. And thats what this place is like on Christmas eve. Cool, huh!

Today we woke up and went to the beach. Kathy gave me a coconut and soap, i gave her a tank top and the beach blanket from M and V. Sorry to all of you in Chicago but it was about 90 degrees today and so hot that I about disentigrated into the sand. If you get jealous of this, remember the days when I washed my one pair of underwear in the sink every night.

People chatted around us in all languages while we listened to brazilian music thru the loudspeakers. I have a favorite song but have no idea what it is. dum da dum dum dum, dadadadada! Its catchy. We saw the funniest thing happen. Two people went out into the ocean so their beach blankets were just sitting there. A stray dog came over and dropped a raw chicken carcass head on one of the towels and walked away for a bit. The dog came back, sat on this guys towel and chewed away at the slimy, bloody chicken head. beak, eyes, and all. They came out of the water and saw what was happening, the dog ran off. I still laugh when I think about it. Imagine coming back to your towel and finding a chicken head on it.


Julie said...

This made me laugh out loud so hard, that I had to share it with some co-workers. Checked the weather for Manuel Antonio, cloudy and upper 70's. Baah, oh well. At least it will be warm. You've inspired me to pack extra undies and a bathing suit in my carry-on, as well as extra cash. I hope we get to run into a 5'2" man who is happy to see us!

Kate C said...

All I wanted for Christmas was a sweaty, high Brazillain with a hard on - God, Sara why do you have to take all the good presents????
I am just catching up on the blog and I am so glad you have been reunited with your bag.
Merry Belated Christmas!!!