Friday, December 23, 2005

BRAZIL: reunited and it feels so good....

Me and backpack are reunited. yesterday, I made my daily call to AA. with the hold music and announcements I have memorized. because this has been such a big part of my last 5 days, I will dictate it for posterity on my blog:
....the first noel... music....
(man´s voice) - thank you fo calling amereecan airlines. All of our atteyndans are beeesy. Pleese hold fo next availabo agent...
....the first noel....
random portuguese announcement.
repeat. 15 or so times. then someone comes on. then I am transferred. repeat again 10 more times.
I am sorry mrs sara, we steeel have no word on your bag.

I have used up a couple of hour long phone cards, if that gives you an idea. I will always associate "the first noel" with being at a pay phone, sweating and feeling my blood boil.

they still couldn´t tell me where it was. So I e-mailed the hostel to see, just in case, it had been delivered by AA. What do you know, it came yesterday. So AA delivered it, but couldn´t tell me, I had to find out for myself. I love how their new ad campaign is "we know why you fly". But they don´t know where my bag is. Oh well, it really does happen with every airline. I posted a message on the Lonely planet thorn tree and several people have had the same thing happen on all different airlines. So I made an 8 hour total round trip to salvador today to pick it up.

So! This is my fourth night in Morro de sao paulo. It´s rare that I am this content hanging out in a town this long. I really like it. It´s in my top three favorite beach towns of all time, along with Montezuma costa rica and Mykonos. When my ferry came in today, I thought "I´m home!". I have settled into a little routine of laying on my hammock, going to the beach for hours, internet, doing my evening stroll, having caiaparinas with dinner. I have started to meet some of the other tourists here. An irish guy, two english guys, an austrian guy who is a doctor specializing in tropical disease. I keep running into them. The english dudes, who I met in the ocean, told me about some party last night but I fell asleep too early to go look for them. And strangely, I have been waking up at 8AM every day! What is up with that? At home, I have a little sport my friends and I like to call X-treme sleeping, but I have really slacked off.

I'm starting to think a lot of people who travel are drawn to the same places. I saw a guy with a "cusquena" beer shirt (peruvian beer from Cusco, where I went 2 years ago) and someone had a "same same but different" shirt on (Thailand). An american girl I met had a thai elephant change purse that everyone buys when they go to Thailand. Thailand and Brazil draw some of the same crowd. And there are a fair amount of people doing the big X-amount of months in South America trip, where Cusco and Salvador are both on the backpacker trail.

I also have some new roommates, of the reptile variety. Twice I have found little lizards in the room. I named them Kathy and Kate after my other, future, Brazil roommates. I scooped Kathy up and threw her on the porch but Kate ran behind the dresser and I have no idea where she went.

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Kate said...

Hurray!! I'm so glad you and baggy have been reunited. The most important thing I am taking away from your ordeal is always pack your bathing suit in your carry-on. I would still be in the black track pants if that happened to me. I think you and Kathy are probably together by now. And just like Kate the lizard, you don't know where I am now, but I will be showing up any day...probably when you least expect it.